About Us

Quilibra is an Organisational Development and Coaching Consultancy. We focus on the development and effectiveness of leaders and teams.

Our purpose is to strengthen the way leaders, teams and organisations learn and change as they engage with each other to address their most demanding challenges.

We specialise in helping leaders and teams to learn and to change what they do within their contexts and working environments. We help them become more effective by paying better attention to what they notice and how they learn from the challenges they face. We support and enable them to develop more effective policies, key relationships, essential practices and critical processes.

We work with and serve our clients in the ways that most suit the questions they face and the development and change they need to make. Clients typically engage with us to provide the following kind of services:

Our work is with business, non-profit, civil society and public organisations. In all situations we focus on helping people to learn and to develop. We do this by:

  • Working with people as individuals, and as members of teams, groups, organisations and networks
  • Enabling people to understand, assess and change / improve the significant patterns, practices and processes that deliver and sustain effective work
  • Working with the technical as well as the relational aspects of organisational life