Providing Developmental and Coaching Support and Challenge to a Leadership Team

The Client:

An International Financial Services Organisation

The Client Need / Request:

Following a major reorganisation and realignment of the global organisation and services of this financial services organisation – Quilibra was approached to provide consulting and coaching input and support to a newly formed leadership team.

What we did:

  • Agreed with the client the overall developmental needs and requirements of the team
  • Carried out one to one conversations with each team member to understand their own backgrounds, developmental needs, roles in the team and particular focus for personal and professional / team development
  • Designed a series of interventions that could be integrated into the ongoing meetings and activities of the team to engage them in conversations and activities that challenged them to consider the way they work and the achievements they are aiming for
  • Carried out a qualitative 360 process in preparation for the initial leadership retreat
  • Designed and facilitated a leadership retreat as part of the overall team forming process
  • Followed up the initial retreat with one to one and team conversations on key issues and concerns identified – with a view to continuing to strengthen the team
  • Gave feedback to the team members (individually and collectively) about their own actual and perceived contributions, the team dynamics and the challenges and achievements they faced (and were addressing well or finding more challenging)

The Outcomes:

Team members reported that they felt they:

  • Knew each other better
  • Appreciated each other’s contributions more clearly
  • Were better able to address issues and challenges between them
  • Were developing stronger and more productive work and business relationships
  • Were able to begin considering how the ways of working and values of the team could be better articulated and modelled in other parts and levels of the organisation

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