The Secretariat of an International Organisation Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Client:

The Secretariat of an International Organisation Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Client Need / Request:

The board and international administration of this globally distributed organisation was concerned that there was a need to review and clarify the strategic direction and focus of the worldwide activities. It was evident that over the years the various national entities had developed quite differently and did not reflect a coherent and credible whole. The client was therefore concerned that the organisation was not able to interact as a credible international actor in the mental health arena and to contribute effectively to policy debate. In addition the activities of a single national entity could bear considerable risk to the reputation of the strongest. This could have significant operational, as well as strategic, implications for the future of the organisation.

What we did:

We carried out a thorough assessment of the external and internal realities facing the organisation. The assessment involved staff as well as external stakeholders. The results of the assessment were then used to stimulate and guide a series of consultations across the world with groups of key leaders and staff members in the organisation. We helped to design the consultation processes and we coached and guided the consultation group leaders. We subsequently met with the board to “make sense” of the findings of the consultations and to agree how to take the process forward.

The Outcomes:

Following the consultations – some key change and development themes were identified. Working groups were formed – led by board members and supported by the international administration. We helped the working groups to complete a set of recommendations to put to the board and the organisation.

In addition we advised and supported the board to put in place a follow up communication strategy to ensure that the leaders and staff from across the business could see how the consultations and working group recommendations had been developed.

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