Supporting a Newly Appointed CEO

The Client:

A Newly Appointed CEO of a Fast Growing Health and Medical Services and Products Firm

The Client Need / Request:

Our coaching client approached us soon after being appointed as CEO of this UK based fast growing organisation. The organisation was at a critical time in its development. It was just about to bring key products to market. It was also reorganising the sales force and integrating the marketing department with the new product field research departments. The client felt there was much at stake.

After a very successful career as a sales director in the organisation the client was now taking on broader strategic and leadership responsibilities that they felt somewhat ill-equipped for. Given their position in the business and the watchful gaze of the overseas corporate parent – the client was keen to ensure that as a "new CEO" they “hit the ground running”

What we did:

Following a series of discreet internal and external conversations – we designed a qualitative 360 feedback process that engaged the clients key team members, major customers, peers in other countries, and boss(es) in corporate HQ, in a dialogue about objectives and goals (what success looked like). This dialogue (facilitated by us and taking place face to face and virtually) had three goals a) to create a new way of interacting and engaging with team members about the strategic issues and challenges in a more intimate way; b) to get to know the team members better and understand their issues and concerns; c) to develop an intimate understanding of what the different aspects of “success” were, and what some of the critical factors in achieving that success might be. The client also completed some selected self assessment tests on leadership style and approach to team working – which we reviewed and discussed in detail in personal feedback sessions

Following that we designed a series of working sessions and discussions aimed at addressing key strategic issues that the CEO needed to lead and direct. In addition we designed with the CEO a programme of visits, educational / information briefings and skill building sessions to be carried out over the coming year.

The Outcomes:

The client was able to win the confidence of key team leaders and the corporate bosses. The colleagues reported that the CEO was a “breath of fresh air”. In addition our coaching client had a much stronger sense of their own strengths and how to build on them. They were also able to rely more confidently on the contributions and knowledge of the team members and feel less burdened by the "need to do it myself, because I am the CEO”

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