The Leadership Shadow

"The Leadership Shadow has received plaudits from many of the top leadership thinkers and from coaching professionals. Both profound and practical, it is likely to become a classic in its field. It is essential reading and cannot be recommended too highly."

Ashridge book review, October 2014 - Read full review

 "Like a good coaching relationship, this book provides the reader with some difficult challenges and yet keeps them safe."

Mary Holmes in Action Learning: Research & Practice - Read full review


In this book Dr Anthony Kasozi and Prof Erik de Haan consider how people’s qualities, strengths, drives, and patterns of behaviour enable them to thrive in today's fast moving, challenging and competitive (business management and leadership) contexts. 

They also consider how the very same drives and patterns of behaviour can go into “overdrive”, resulting in relational difficulties for people in management and leadership positions and for those around them. In particular Dr Kasozi and Prof de Haan are interested in how managers:

  • overcome their “overdrive” tendencies and difficulties in practice; and how they then;
  • manage to draw on their best qualities to recover from episodes of overdrive, in order to engage with and relate to others in ways that are effective.

This book will be of particular interest if you are, or aspire to be, in a senior leadership or management position in business or public service. It will also be of interest if you coach or surpvervise other leaders or managers.

 The Leadership Shadois now available to purchase from Amazon, Kogan Publishers and Fishpond.


Early Reviews of the book: “The Leadership Shadow”

"This is an important, lucidly written and extremely interesting book. It covers with great clarity and many very illustrative case studies why so many leaders fail and derail. This will become a classic in the field."

Professor Adrian Furnham, University College London

"In the crowded field of leadership literature this book stands out for three reasons: (1) it is briskly written and vigorously argued - it is as close to a page turner as one can find in this genre; (2) it is nicely situated in the relevant empirical literature; and (3) it pays close attention to the fact that a large percentage of modern managers are doing a poor job. It is an engaging read that also provides a candid and dependable guide to action."

Professor Robert Hogan, University of Tulsa

"Much of the literature seems to suggest that only people with superhuman powers can be effective leaders. No wonder we end up disappointed in so many of them, and no wonder many leaders fall prey to hubris, or worse. This eminently sensible book is a refreshing contrast. It shows a deep understanding of the many demands now imposed on leaders. Better still, its awareness of the importance of context, relationships and the perils and opportunities offered by having power turns it into a series of wise, stimulating and helpful reflections on how the practice of leadership can be improved. Organizations and leaders alike will benefit from its rich insights."

Professor Dennis Tourish, Royal Holloway

"There are always two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason. Anyone who desires to know more about these real reasons, about what creates leadership pathologies, and what makes for leadership's core qualities, would do well to study this book. Not only will he or she become more knowledgeable about the shadow side of leadership, but also acquire a profound insight of how to overcome the various pitfalls that accompany the leadership journey"

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries Distinguished Clinical
Professor of Leadership Development and
Organizational Change, Insead

“While epic leadership failures capture headlines, the underlying reasons usual lurk in the shadows far from view. This timely book does a masterful job of throwing light on the dark side of leadership by synthesising a growing body of research and distilling concrete, actionable lessons any leader can use to avoid coming off the track.”  

Rob Kaiser President, Kaiser Leadership Solutions;
Editor, Consulting Psychology Journal


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Coaching in Times of Crisis & Transformation

- the new book by Liz Hall et al.

In this practical text, respected author and coach Liz Hall is joined by contributors to consider the impact of crisis and change on organisations and individuals.

The book is an important resource for managers and coaches alike who seek to approach change, challenges and crises effectively. 

The book includes a chapter by Dr Anthony Kasozi and  Professor Erik de Haan, authors of The Leadership Shadow. The chapter, entitled 'Leaders in Crisis: Attending to the Shadow Side'', explores how leaders can be more aware of and learn to address their shadow sides in times of crisis in order to minimise the potentially damaging costs on those around them if hubris remains unchecked.

Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation is available to order here

You can view the full press release here