Quilibra executive and developmental coaching is an interactive relational process. The process begins with an experienced, skilled and accredited Quilibra Coach agreeing with an individual client to have a series of conversations (sessions) aimed at helping the client make progress towards important goals they have as yet found it difficult to achieve.

Our coaches provide coaching and mentoring support to professionals, executives and entrepreneurs in management and leadership positions.

We specialise in coaching

  1. Senior managers and leaders who are responsible for leading and managing knowledgeable and skilled teams
  2. New managers who are transitioning from a technical or function focused position to a role that requires them to develop as a leader of others

We challenge and support coachees to become more engaged, more committed and more organisationally and personally fruitful.

We help them connect with their realities and accompany them as they attend to important needs they have, issues they face and requests they are responsible for.

Our coaching work is done face to face and virtually. We only coach people who are (individually and/ or collectively) willing. We contract carefully and respectfully. We stay aware of our roles, relationships and boundaries.

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