We support teams, leaders and organisations to be effective in their context through their increased awareness, engagement and ease in the midst of change, complexity and uncertainty.

We consult with individuals and teams to develop, establish and sustain themselves as skilled, highperforming and adaptive organisational contributors.

We do this by integrating expert and process consulting approaches. We draw on our professionaland technical knowledge, as well as our coaching, project management and facilitation skills. Wehave substantial experience of working on across the globe as well as in specific geographiclocalities. We work across cultures taking into account localised issues and considerations. We have experience of commercial, not for profit and public businesses and organisations, nationally and internationally.

Our way of working is adapted to teams and organisations who want to break new ground, create new ways of working or are simply seeking to face up to the challenges of surviving and thriving in fast-changing and uncertain circumstances. We tailor our interventions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We specialise in consulting to clients in relation to:

  • Strategy and Policyfrom analysis and dialogue to formulation and enactment
  • Organisation and Economicsfrom review and assessment
  • People and Leadership – from needs and issues to understanding change & ongoing development
  • Operational Performancefrom monitoring and understanding to performance improvement and excellence in practice
  • Organisational Communication and Dialoguefrom inquiry and design to facilitation, innovation and ongoing practice
  • Governance – from needs, issues and frameworks to sustainability and responsible practice 

You can view case studies relating to these consulting areas here.

If you would like to talk to us about what we can help you with, please contact us at or on twitter @QuilibraConsult.