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“We support and accompany people as they create and maintain healthy, aware, connected and meaningful working lives.”

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Who we are

We are a network of  independent learning and organisational development consultants, coaches, mentors, tutors and facilitating professional practitioners, and associated organisations.

We are bound together by our shared professional experiences and desire to enable and support people and organisations to make life and work meaningful, engaged, joyful and productive. 

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Our Work: With Individuals

  • We work with people whose personal contexts and working lives are in transition

  • We support them to "navigate" the challenges they face as they work through multiple personal and professional  transitions

  • We help them to stretch and change: discovering new personal motivation, energy and ability to live "ordinary" professional and personal lives in fulfillingly extraordinary ways


Our Work: With Organisations

  • We work with organisations that are adapting and changing as they address numerous internal and external challenges

  • We support teams that want to refresh and recreate their ways of thinking, working and relating to have worthwhile, sustained and valued impact

  • We accompany and facilitate organisations that seek to better align their activities and behaviours with worthwhile goals and meaningful purposes