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About Us

"We work with clients to re-discover ways of navigating complexities with a growing sense of insight, coherence, possibility and empowerment".

We work with people and organisations living with uncertainty, challenge or change. We support those facing day to day "contradiction" or overwhelming "busy-ness"to find space for reflection, appreciation and rejuvenation.

We are a learning and developmental organisation and network of professionals.

Quilibra was created in the UK by Dr Anthony Kasozi in 2008 - bringing together a small group of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated coaches and consultants that had a shared an interest in organisational and leadership development and a committment to working with clients in a values-informed way.

Today we focus on people and organisations working with change and engaging with multiple-layered transitions. We work individually as consultants and coaches and in together in teams often with other equally skilled associates and partners. Collectively we are equipped and skilled to enable, manage, oversee and deliver coaching and consulting professional support for individual and organisational clients across sectors and in in different parts of the world.

We have particular understanding, experience and insight of working withindivduals, teams and organisations in: 

  • International developmental and humanitarian work
  • Research and post-graduate / post-doctoral development
  • Civic and public service 
  • For public benefit and community engagement work
  • Values led / informed enterprises and activities

The Work We Do

We work “one to one” and in groups with individual clients.

Where fitting we advise and work with groups in organisations

The Support We Offer

We offer people we work with opportunities to pause, reflect. learn, engage and develop

  • One to one accompaniment
  • Space and support for reflection
  • Space and support to learn

Our Values

Our values connect who we are, what we do and what and matters most to us. They help us see the meaning that lies behind the day to day work we do. They enable us to do “good” work for our clients and for ourselves.

  • Engagement: The way we engage and interact with others matters: We approach our work and interactions in a way that is connected and constructive.
  • Commitment: We work with dedication to deliver what is agreed. We “stay the course” and work to help others to do the same. We listen and learn – aiming to engender and build trust, professionally and personally.
  • Openness: We are curious and open to possibility: We nurture what is fruitful. We affirm what matters and are flexible and ready to adapt to unforeseen issues and circumstances when needed.
  • Completeness: We seek to see the whole and to work and live well with and within it. We live with awareness of our environments and of the differences of experience and perspectives that inform, challenge and enrich how we are and what we do

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