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The Support We Offer

“The paradox of  a busy life lived well is that it is both solitary and communal in good enough measure.”


We offer people we work with opportunities to pause, reflect. learn, engage and develop. We do this through specially designed combinations of:

  • tailored and curated spaces where they can step away from day to day “busyness”,
  • opportunities and processes where they can be supported, assisted, challenged encouraged to safely explore the “difficult questions they face
  • conversations that help them to identify, develop and adopt / adapt their own context appropriate responses to personal and organisational questions of significance
  • sharing of insights, experience, knowledge and expertise, that may inform and enable them to think / see or approach challenges in a refreshed and different way

For Groups:

  • Participative and active learning through joint inquiry and reflection (reality, context and practice) – in Facilitated Learning Groups

For individuals:

  • One to one accompaniment – through our Coaching and our Mentoring
  • Space and support for reflection – in Individual Retreats or Group Retreats

Our aim is to help people to:

  • become more aware, connected, responsive, open-minded, fittingly proactive and effectual in their contexts
  • reconnect with what matters and sustains them. We challenge and support them to deepen their awareness
  • improve their contextual relational engagement, participation and contribution
  • pay attention to their own and others wellbeing – particularly what they / others may need to live with more ease, inclusion and appreciation in the midst of change, complexity and uncertainty


Make space and get support and accompaniment for reflection through one-to-one:





Individual Retreats


Learn through joint inquiry and reflection in:

Facilitated Learning for Groups

Group Retreats

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