Quilibra Consulting 

Quilibra is an organisational development and coaching consultancy whose purpose is to strengthen the way leaders, teams and organisations learn

What we do....

  • We support teams, leaders and organisations to become more responsive and effective in their context.
  • We help them to reconnect with what matters and sustains them. We challenge and support them to deepen their awareness.
  • We support and encourage them to focus and improve their relational engagement.
  • We help them discover what is needed to live with more ease and achievement in the midst of change, complexity and uncertainty.

How we work...

Our way of working adapts to work with those who want to break new ground, create new ways of working or address challenges uncertain circumstances. Our knowledge and views are informed by the wide ranging experience we have accumulated over many years and in many places. We offer what we bring into co-tailored interventions that meet specific needs.

  • We consult to develop, establish and sustain skilled, great performing and adaptive people and organisations. 
  • We integrate expert and process consulting approaches.
  • We draw on our tested coaching and learning practices. 
  • We use our professional and technical skills and knowledge, behavioural understanding and group facilitation experience to help you make change work.

Find out more about us...

If you would like to talk to us about what we can help you with, please contact us at inquiry@quilibra-consulting.com or on twitter@QuilibraConsult.

For more information about Quilibra Coaching - please contact us at coaching@quilibra-consulting.com or on twitter @QuilibraCoach


Quilibra Consulting supports THIS NEXT STEP...

Quilibra's consulting and coaching networks, activities services and capabilities are available to support you in your work with THIS NEXT STEP. You can find out more about THIS NEXT STEP by going to: www.thisnextstep.org


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