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The Work We Do

“We accompany and support those willing to believe that it is possible to lead our own very ordinary lives... extraordinarily well....”

We work with and support people in changing personal, professional and organisational circumstances to create and maintain healthy, aware, connected and meaningful working lives.

We work “one to one” and in groups with individual clients.

Where fitting we advise and work with groups in organisations

Our Work with Individuals

– (one to one and in groups) whose personal contexts and working lives are in transition. Typically, we support individuals that are:

  • understanding, changing and challenging personal, organisational, institutional and contextually imposed realties
  • working with and through personal change and transitions
  • overcoming obstacles and recovering from personal setbacks
  • influencing, having a worthwhile impact, and making a difference from where they are
  • working and living in a more integrated, healthy, aware, and appreciative way
  • working to make a valuable contribution to the wellbeing of their communities, related institutions and systems, and natural environments

Our Work with Organisations

– (in groups or with teams) adapting, changing and addressing numerous challenges. Typically, we work with people in organisations that are:

  • seeking to be better at fulfilling given and emerging, purposes, missions and mandates
  • addressing new and different organisational issues
  • re-framing and re-imagining possible roles, contributions and futures
  • working with and through significant organisational evolution and change
  • recovering from episodes of significant organisational disruption or episodes of dysfunction
  • seeking to influence the wellbeing of their communities, the quality of their institutions and the impact on eco-systems, and natural environments