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What are they?

Dedicated and inobtrusively and skilfully guided high-quality spaces for developmental work. Offering you the opportunity to "step aside" to think and reflect (individually and/or with others). Typically involving physically moving to a less familiar and appropriately organised place – that is suited and aligned with the kind of reflection that you would like to carry out.

How they work

  • Retreats offer the opportunity to step away from “busyness” and to make space for what really matters to you – professionally and personally.
  • They are an opportunity to focus on the realities and challenges that you are noticing / facing - and if with others: to also listen as well as share experiences and insights.
  • When working well the retreat practices and process provide the possibility for deeper insight and re-energising meaning.
  • The dedicated and gently accompanied time – helps you to bring together your reflections on what you care about and reasonably desire or need to create. In this way retreats can deepen resolve, clarify practice and reinvigorate dedication to purpose and to supporting process.

Get in Touch about making space and getting support for reflection by:

  • Organising an individual virtual or face to face retreat
  • Organising a Group Retreat

Get in touch to find out more about joining one of the retreats we have already planned and scheduled:

Giving Meaning to What We Do

For Those Wanting to See, Live and Be in a "Fresh" Way

Next Retreat - Winter 2022



Making Sense of Where we Are

For Those Navigating Crossroads or Choosing Between Pathways

Next Retreat - New Year 2023

Making Space for What Matters

For those Facing Tough Life Choices

Next Retreat - Spring 2023



Not Done Yet

For those Challenged to Go Further

Next Retreat - Summer 2022