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One to One Coaching

What is it?

An interactive person-centred relational process in which an experienced, skilled and accredited coach works individually with a client through a series of coaching conversations (coaching sessions) each typically lasting 1 to 2 hours.

One to One coaching offers opportunities for people to gain deeper and more specific learning, support and challenge – working with individual needs, difficulties and opportunities. Coaching typically also helps individuals to increase self-awareness about their motives, personal abilities, values and impact on others.

How it works

  • The coaching sessions aim to help the client to become clearer about and then make progress towards an important question or desired goal that they have hitherto struggled with.
  • The role of the coach varies depending on the person and the requirement – but typically starts with helping to create an environment, safe and in tune with the needs of the individual ‘coachee’.
  • The coaching sessions typically cover an array of content beginning with observation, feedback and reflection explored in relation to the client’s professional and personal contexts.
  • The sessions may draw on information from various tools and sources - including for example 360 feedback processes, psychometric tools, stakeholder mapping and interviews, personal journaling and reflection exercises.
  • The coach helps the client to surface:
    • relevant data that helps to identify and highlight the important issues
    • reveal relevant and significant patterns of thinking, practices, behaviour
    • uncover insights and learning about what may be helping or hindering the client in making progress towards their desired goals and outcomes.
  • Each session subsequent session builds on the previous one, and also draws on what has happened and changed in the client’s situation, behaviour, practice and relationships / experiences since the previous session.
  • The client therefore has repeated opportunities to translate, make sense of and integrate insights gathered through there sessions and experiences in between sessions.