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Giving Meaning to What We Do

A retreat specially designed for those starting out, starting afresh or starting again.

This retreat is for people with questions about their emerging personal and professional future. It is for those with pressing questions about their current work, role, contribution or impact. The retreat is designed to help them to reflect on their personal situations, realities and needs and given that, to be challenged and supported to consider what to aim for professionally and commit to personally as they start out or start afresh and again, this time.


What to expect from the retreat

Alongside 7 - other co-inquirers and accompanied by two skilled coaches / mentors retreat each participant will have on opportunity:

  • to “anchor and then lean forward” to consider what matters for them
  • to articulate better what they truthfully know about themselves
  • to consider how this informs what they see themselves being (or doing) next
  • to be clearer about the personal shifts, and steps that they will need to commit to

The retreat will take place over two and a half working days. Prior to the retreat, there is a one to one one-hour Zoom call with one of the retreat coaches / mentors to introduce themselves and giving an introductory briefing prior to the retreat. The briefing will cover:

  1. Setting your aims and goals for the retreat
  2. How the retreat works
    • virtual / face to face working retreat requirements
    • what to expect on / from the day
  3. Personal preparation and reflection before the retreat
  4. Information and communication before and after the retreat
  5. Any queries you may have

To join this retreat

The next “Giving Meaning to What We Do” retreat for those starting out, starting afresh or starting again – is scheduled to take place on: xxxx (TBC)

Your Coach / Mentors for this retreat are:  Dr Anthony Kasozi and xxxx (TBC)

To enrol for this retreat:  Get in Touch Here