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Making Sense of Where We Are

A retreat for those creating, navigating and choosing new paths to take

This retreat is for individuals who are clear about their own motivations and aims, and already see some possibilities unfolding, but are feeling hesitant, and otherwise unable to take the decisions or make the choices about which pathways to follow. Th retreat is designed help them step away from the day to day issues and challenges, to see things a new and afresh and to discover the insights, clarity and resources needed to move in the direction that they are motivated by and deeply committed to.


What to expect from the retreat

Alongside 7 - other co-inquirers and accompanied by two skilled coaches / mentors retreat participants will have on opportunity

  • to share their dreams, choices and concerns and hear how these are engaged with and understood / shared by others on similar journeys
  • to challenge themselves to be open and to listen for insight and substance – and to be curious about what is challenging them and what this may mean for them, as they move forward
  • to be supported to consider the iterative steps, reflections, conversations and actions that can help them to refine and develop a way forward that they feel both challenged by and comfortable to commit to
  • to consider the  ecosystem of relationships, resources, and other connections that they already have or may need to develop to enable them to go further along their chosen pathway(s)


The retreat will take place over two and a half working days. Prior to the retreat, there is a one to one one-hour Zoom call with one of your retreat coach / mentor to introduce themselves and to give you an introductory briefing prior to the retreat itself. This briefing will cover:

  1. Setting your own aims and goals for the retreat
  2. How the retreat works
    • virtual / face to face working retreat requirements
    • what to expect on / from the day
  3. Personal preparation and reflection before the retreat
  4. Information and communication before and after the retreat
  5. Any queries you may have

To join this retreat

The next “Making Sense of Where We Are” retreat for those navigating and choosing between new pathways – is scheduled to take place on: xxxx (TBC)

Your Coach / Mentors for this retreat are: Dr Anthony Kasozi and xxxx (TBC)

To contact us – enrol for this retreat:   Get in Touch Here