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Making Sense of Where We Are

A retreat for those creating, navigating and choosing new paths to take

This retreat is for individuals who feeling hesitant or otherwise concerned about what they see unfolding before them - professionally or personally. The retreat is designed help them step away from the cacophony of concerns, questions, issues and difficulties, to shift perspective, see things a new and afresh and in doing so possibly discover the insights, clarity and resources needed to understand the path and offer a response that that they can experience as re-connecting and affirming.

What to expect from the retreat

Alongside up to seven - other co-inquirers and accompanied by two skilled facilitators this reatreat will offer you an opportunity:

  • to share your dreams, choices and concerns in a safe and accompanied space
  • to challenge yourself to be open and to listen to what your life may already be indicating and suggesting to you
  • to be curious about what you are finding difficult or challenging and what this may mean for you now, and as they live forward
  • to be supported to consider the practices that may help you as you step back into and re-engage with the "busy-ness" and realities of your day to day work and life
  • to consider what else supports and enables to go further attentivekly and comapssionatley along your pathway(s)

This retreat typically takes place over two and a half working days. Prior to the retreat, you will have a one to one one-hour Zoom call with one of the retreat coaches / mentors as an introduction and for a preparatory conversation before you join the retreat. The briefing typically covers:

  1. Reflecting on your starting point and any your aims and goals you may already have for the retreat
  2. How the retreat works
    • virtual / face to face working retreat requirements
    • what to expect on / from the retreat
  3. Personal preparation and reflection before the retreat
  4. Information and communication before and after the retreat (including the participant dashboard)
  5. Any queries you may have

To join this retreat

The next “Making Sense of Where We Are” retreat will take place Early in the New Year - 2023. 

If you would like to join this retreat:

 Get in Touch Here