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Making Space for What Matters

A retreat specially designed for those facing tough professional and personal choices

This retreat is for people who are experiencing significant change and personal multiple transitions right now raising many seemingly intertwined and difficult personal, professional, career, organisational and developmental questions. Participants in this retreat will aslo be typically finding it extermely difficult to find and to dedicate high quality time to reflect on and to address the questions and choices that they feel that perplex or torment them.

The retreat is designed to offer a quieter supported space in which to reconnect with (and make some tough choices about) what matters most - and in doing so begin to better align intentionswith day to day realities and actions.

What to expect from the retreat

Alongside up to seven - other co-inquirers and accompanied by two skilled facilitators this reatreat will offer you an opportunity to:

  • deepen awareness of your reality and how you are within it
  • gain insights into your motivations and drivers
  • engage with what may now be essential, difficult, awkward or problematic
  • consider what may be energising, directional and helpful
  • be clearer and more explicit about what you may need to re-commit to or let go to re-engage with what matters most to you
  • self-comapssionately find a helpful momentum that is appreciative of what you are choosing to commit to
  • reflect on how you may overcome and recover from challenges and setbacks that emerge as you walk your path

This retreat typically takes place over two and a half working days. Prior to the retreat, you will have a one to one one-hour Zoom call with one of the retreat coaches / mentors as an introduction and for a preparatory conversation before you join the retreat. The briefing typically covers:

  1. Reflecting on your starting point and any your aims and goals you may already have for the retreat
  2. How the retreat works
    • virtual / face to face working retreat requirements
    • what to expect on / from the retreat
  3. Personal preparation and reflection before the retreat
  4. Information and communication before and after the retreat (including the participant dashboard)
  5. Any queries you may have

To join this retreat

The next “Making Space for What Matters” retreat will take place in Spring 2023

To join this retreat: 

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