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Not Done Yet

A Retreat for those who have already taken significant steps – and are still feeling challenged to go further

The ambition behind this invitation-only retreat is for people to come together from different stages and walks of life, who know the world from some of the myriad of perspectives that make it up. There will be no rush to action with a pre-destined outcome, simply ample time and space (three days seems enough, but not too little) to be together with others.

Alongside 7 - other co-inquirers and accompanied by two skilled coaches / mentors retreat participants will have on opportunity to talk and think in the company of others. Working together as peers the retreat will be about:

  • finding the sweet-spot that marries personal and public identity, connecting up the inner-arc of self-awareness with the outer arc of engagement with the world.
  • hearing and engaging with each other – this being work does not make sense as a solitary activity and is therefore best not done alone, or even
  • stepping into your capacity to influence and be influential in the world is born through being in a community, where insight comes through the experience of offering something of yourself and being touched by what others offer
  • acknowledging that no one is an island, entirely self-authoring and perfect, whatever the spirit of the age trumpets.

The retreat will take place face to face over three days.

Prior to the retreat, those joining will have the opportunity to meet each other virtually as pairs, a foursome and then as a whole group. The retreat group will be made up of participants inviting each other, starting with a pair inviting two other colleagues and each until a group of eight is convened. Key criteria for the invitations will be that those invited share:

  1. An interest in the matter: - they have a shared sense of need and desire to engage with others on the question of “Not Being Done Yet”
  2. A willingness to engage and work with diverse “others”: they are open able and willing to invite and engage with others different from themselves

To join this retreat

The next “Not Done Yet” retreat for those who have already taken significant steps – and are still feeling challenged to go further – is scheduled to take place on:

Your accompanist for this retreat are: Anthony Kasozi and John Higgins

To find out more about the possibility of inviting or being invited to join a “Not Done Yet” retreat:  Get in Touch Here